Our Story

We are an Ottawa-based cover band playing guitar-driven music from the rock, country and blues genres since 2010. We have performed at many of the "classic" live venues in and around Ottawa over the years and are currently partnered up with a killer country singer, Reid Greenough. Together, we have created an infectious concoction of rock and roll energy with a honky tonk vibe! We've played some great shows along the way -  including Almonte Fair, Renfrew Fair and the Ladysmith Oktoberfest!  We're definitely have a blast playing and have many more shows on the schedule. Hope to see you soon! 

Along the way, The Derringers have collaborated with many other artists including Tim Picard, DW James, Steve Cater, Gerry Doucette, Joe Brownrigg, Chris McGuire and Cathy Brown.